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Worlds behind Walls: AdvocAid Stories

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Kadie’s Story

Kadie’s story is not a simple story. It is, in many ways, a story tied to that of Sierra Leone. However,
her story does show that having the time to take simple steps is sometimes all that is needed to make a
vast difference – in this case the difference between languishing for years on remand and that of a new
life attending school.

Sia’s Story

Sia lives in Lunsar, Port Loko, three hours from Freetown. She was
sentenced to six months imprisonment for the theft of ear phones.
Despite her conviction, Sia maintains her innocence, arguing that
she found rather than stole the items.

Kumba’s Story

Kumba was arrested in March 2005. She was twenty years old and an orphan. Her younger brother was
living with some extended family members who were treating him poorly. Kumba decided to assist her
brother in the only way she knew how, by taking him away from the abusive situation to another
family member.


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